Secure Online Backup Solutions

Cloudvault Online Backup Manager

A client-side backup application connecting to the Off-site Backup Server. An intuitive interface allows non-experts to easily configure file backups. Native functionality for backing up Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, Lotus Domino and Lotus Notes is built-in at NO EXTRA COST. Continuous Data Backup technology and integration with ShadowProtect makes enterprise-grade recovery capability available to all.

Cloudvault Off-site Backup Server

The centrepiece of the Cloudvault backup solution. Running on our servers in data centres across Hong Kong, the Off-site Backup Server software provides a secure repository for your data. Comprehensive monitoring and reporting capabilities ensure that the system is stable and reliable at all times.

Cloudvault Replication Server

A server-based application that duplicates data between multiple Cloudvault Off-site Backup Servers, providing an additional level of protection to the backed-up data. In the event of a catastrophic failure this significantly accelerates the full recovery times for large data sets.